I haven't worn my Elfcraft piece in a while and it has taken on a rather dull shine. Is this normal?

We use only pure 925 sterling silver. It has the nicest shine, but must occasionally be polished. It is however a small effort to polish it once a week with a silver polishing cloth. Some companies rhodonize their silver, as then it doesn`t stain at all. Unfortunately this process has the disadvantage that the surface doesn`t look like silver but tin. “Rhodium” is a silver coloured metal, which looks more like chrome than real silver. One saves the occasional cleaning, but could just as well wear cheap fashion jewellery.

We however believe that when one decides on silver, they want the characteristics of silver, and accept the occasional cleaning gladly.

When one wears silver, it must only seldom be polished, as through normal movement and contact the surface stays shiny. Lower laying areas or corners can however darken a bit with time. This gives the design a special look. Normally we darken these low laying inside areas with “Paris Oxyd “, unless you don`t want this. Only the top surface will be polished.

Can I adjust the size of my ElfCraft wristpiece?

Leather-Silver combinations can be changed or adjusted by yourself in size, to make it fitting like a loose wristwatch, by heating the silverends with a bigger flame of a lighter. This softens the glue holding the piece securely together. Then you can pull off the silverend and cut the leather to your size. Afterwards re-glue it with a multi function glue (protect your fingers with a cloth).

Silver-Chain pieces can be adjuststed by the local jeweller of your choice. You can also contact us. We will do the work at our workshop or have it made by a trusted craftsman. Labour costs apply.

How do the different closing mechanisms work?

Hook + Loop: To open and close push the ring in 90° inside the hook and move over the dot.
Clasplock: Please take care with this lock, that there is always enough tension. Once in a while,
bend the lower lip a very little bit to the front, as well as the upper lip a bit back.

What is the proper way to wear my ElfCraft hook and loop bracelet?

It is necessary to wear the thin hook and loop silver-leather bracelets like a loose wristwatch. Not longer, otherwise the bracelet can fall open.