About the Designer

Wolfgang A. Elfers

Wolfgang A. Elfers

Massive silver rings, heavy pendants and extraordinary bracelets are the distinctive hallmarks of designer Wolfgang A. Elfers.

Elf Craft stands for expressionistic jewellery that has found admirers the world over. Every individual piece is about unequivocal dominance and sensuality, a clear commitment to rock 'n' roll couture. Unmistakable but never ostentacious. And always a symbol of the freedom we embrace.

Wolfgang A. Elfers:

My jewellery is solitary. Intended as an expression of
conscious difference, of one’s own path, the rockin’ life with the freedom of
imagination”. For the designer, imagination is like a “garden at night” in which
absolute freedom rules. Uninhibited growth of ideas and visions.

The designer draws his inspiration from the world of mysterious elfin kings, noble knights templar and proud warriors or contemporary rockers. Mythical figures, magical powers and cult symbols found in each ElfCraft collection emphasize their uniqueness.

An uncompromising collection and clear statements blend into unmistakeable individuality. Fashion und fables melt into an unparalleled feeling against your skin.


Each individual piece is more than jewellery; it is a talisman that bestows
strength and protection, bringing a proud smile to its wearer.

Believe in your Dreams” is the central message of the collection. The belief in
one’s own power, the fulfilment of desires and dreams is reinforced by the set “elfin stone” made of a genuine meteorite.


Each of these stones contains a
fragment of a shooting star. The captured energy of the shooting star bestows the power to follow their own path.

Dominance, pride, magic and sensuality. Unified in the uniqueness of the elfin lily. The worldwide mark of distinction from ElfCraft.