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Energies and effects of the stones

AGATE: the stabiliser, keeps negative energies away, self-analysis and acceptance, releases rage.

AMETHYST: the haven of peace, cleans body and soul, brings inner peace.

AQUAMARINE: confidence, growth.

QUARTZ: the clarifier and vitaliser.

AMBER: vitality and optimism, awakens creativity and spirits, settles fears.

CHALCEDONY: strengthens rhetoric, helps the throat, helps against melancholy, bad dreams.

CORNELIAN: cautiousness, attentiveness, happiness.

CITRINE: the mood maker.

CHRYSOPRASE: helps to find new perspectives and leads to profound calm. The chrysoprase effect shows with sleep disorders, negative energies...

CHRYSOCOLLA: has a calming effect on the emotional life. The stone improves perception and activates the sense of aesthetics and harmony.

AGATE: confidence, attentiveness, change, trust.

HEMATITE: for energy and vitality.

JADE: harmony, balance, happiness and attentiveness.

JASPER: the memory enhancer.

LAPIS LAZULI: strengthens character and optimism, cautiousness and change, self-trust.

LABRADORITE: strengthens the bones, promotes imagination, calming and balancing, sense of reality.

METEORITE made of iron: strengthens awareness, shows new perspectives, smooths the path to new thinking, helps with bad vibrations, and as a falling star, it grants us a free wish when we ‘spot’ it (mostly a love wish), which is only fulfilled if you do not reveal what you wished for.

MOON STONE: pure vitality, empathy and intuition.

OBSIDIAN: against fears, for wound healing, releases blockages and traumas, increases perception.

ONYX: increases confidence, good for the skin.

OPAL: strongest stone for the soul, harmony.

PERIDOT: personality, insight, tranquility.

PEARL: change, development.

Rose quartz: for love and romance, open-mindedness, helps with lovesickness.

RUTILE QUARTZ: hunting down the truth.

RUBY: sexuality and love, gives vitality and commitment, desires.

SAPPHIRE: strengthens the nerves and helps against stress, for willpower. Concentration, inner calm.

EMERALD: the crisis handler.

TURQUOISE: Protection and warning against coming dangers confidence and communication skills.

TOPAS: promotes development, from a tranquility point of view.

TOURMALINE: strengthens the body’s energy flow, stimulating mental effects, striving for harmony and clarity.